Why this course?

Ready to dive back into fitness classes or perhaps step into them for the first time?

Be prepared to attack those classes safely & efficiently.

We are busy. We want to maximize our time at the gym. We don’t have time to be injured. We don’t have time to be scared of diving in, either!

So whether you are brand new to fitness classes, or you’d like a refresher and to hone in on important safety details, you will learn an array of practical tools and information in this series. 

My goal is for you feel confident to step into classes, in-person or virtually, and your own workouts, armed with tools to keep you safe and get the most out of the workout as possible.

My mission is to help people be the best they can be.

Focusing on the whole self: physical, mental, spiritual, I love working with clients to pursue their goals.

Here, let's take a big step forward by establishing safe and efficient workout practices.

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Barre 101

with Certified Fitness Instructor Kate Cherichello

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This hour-long course contains more information than most personal training sessions could get through in months. Grab a pen, hit pause as needed, and get ready to deep dive into the details or safety and efficiency of Barre workouts.

What is the 101 Series?

In taking classes over the years, or utilizing workout videos, one major piece that was more often than not missing: stressing safety and form.

Additionally, group fitness classes are often marketed as being open to all levels, yet how often do instructors not give modifications nor progressions so that each participant truly can get what he or she needs out of the class?

So, this series takes things back to basics with three separate courses: Barre 101, Pilates 101, and HIIT 101, focusing on safety and efficiency, so you can maximize your workouts. Be confident when you step into a group fitness class or workout on your own. Be strong in your execution of the most common exercises. And be proud of yourself for taking these huge steps forward on your health journey.


Disclaimer: Please use any instruction and advice at your own risk. Always check with a doctor before starting an exercise routine or changing your food intake.

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Exercise can be dangerous and can result in bodily injury. Any injury you sustain as a result of this or other videos, training sessions, and/or live or recorded content and writings is solely your responsibility. Kate Cherichello disclaims any liability from injury sustained from the use of any video, writings, other content, training sessions, and any and all conversations or guidance. You should consult a physician before beginning any training program.