"What I stress to my clients every single day: Every. Bit. Counts."

  • Kate Cherichello
HIIT 101 with Kate Cherichello

HIIT 101

Barre 101 with Kate Cherichello


Pilates 101 with Kate Cherichello


What is the 101 Series?

In taking classes over the years, or observing workout videos, one major piece that is more often than not missing: stressing safety and form.

Additionally, group fitness classes are often marketed as being open to all levels, yet how often do instructors not give modifications nor progressions so that each participant truly can get what he or she needs out of the class?

So, this series takes things back to basics with three separate courses: Barre 101, Pilates 101, and HIIT 101, focusing on safety and efficiency, so you can maximize your workouts. Be confident when you step into a group fitness class or workout on your own. Be strong in your execution of the most common exercises. And be proud of yourself for taking these huge steps forward on your health journey.

Who is this series for?

-You have stayed away from workouts due to fears of safety.

-You want to be in a group class but want to ensure you will maximize your workout no matter what the instructor throws at you.

-You want to feel confident working out while surrounded by others.

-You have worked out for years but still have questions on form.

-You are interested in trying a different style of workout but would like to get the basics down before trying it on your own.

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Hey there, I'm Kate, and I'm here to make sure you are working toward your health goals with clarity, efficiency, and safety. No time for wandering around a gym, questioning everything in a grocery store (or on the Whole Foods delivery site), or flipping from hours of working out to nothing.

You’re a busy exec. Yes you are. Whether you run a giant company, or you run your own life each day, you are. You should be treated as one.

No one size fits all, no scrolling through endless classes not knowing which would be most beneficial that day, no meal recommendations that would take your whole evening to prepare.

Health is a lifestyle. Your life is already jam-packed. Let us work together to find how to make your nonstop schedule one that is health-focused. Not just for now, but forever.

Find options for personal training and health coaching here. If you are looking for a course to complete at your own pace, find the 101 Series with Kate: Pilates 101, Barre 101, and HIIT 101.

Bundle by purchasing all three and save!

Here's to you being your healthiest, fittest, happiest self.