Pilates - A Healthy Dose of Everything 8.17

Oo I really love this one. It is just such a mix of everything. I use weights a few times, and they are completely optional. Hope you enjoy as well! Let me know how it goes:)

This is also the 'free preview' for those looking to try out BBK On-Demand. Hope you enjoy!

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From my living room to yours, this isn't the place to feel intimidated. No fancy studios, just you and me. Here, we meet wherever we are, listen to our bodies, and appreciate the fact that we showed up for ourselves in our living room, hotel room, or squeezed in between a bed and a wall in an NYC apartment (I've been there!). Workouts that are challenging for all levels because I hold this in high regard: progressions and constant movement, but also modifications and encouragement to take breaks whenever desired.

Disclaimer: Everything at your own risk.

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